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Giving the Bern a turn: Eyes opened to need for solutions

Keyra Ramos, Staff Writer

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“The world should be God’s government,” was the only education on politics that I obtained growing up in my household. Presidential candidates and the United States government were considered burdens that existed outside of our family. When the subject came up, it was always the same: God first; everything else — doomed. Therefore, my knowledge on politics was locked away in a box labeled “Sins.”

It wasn’t until the beginning of 2015 that politics were no longer unreal to me. A growing consciousness of feminism and racial injustice opened my eyes to a country that was in need of modification. Not only were citizens behind so much misconduct, but so was the government. The realization that I could perhaps make the smallest dent in society brought me to look for a candidate for the 2016 Election. I began my search by attending the rally of someone I did not want to vote for, Donald Trump.

Republican candidate, Donald Trump, had made his case, rallying about 15,000 people at the Phoenix Convention Center on July 11, 2015. My wait in the line to enter the building exposed me to nothing but racial slurs and conversations on the disgrace that is immigration. The line was cut short when I was not able to enter the building because the event had already reached its maximum attendance. Personally witnessing how many supporters Trump was gaining, my search for a presidential candidate became all the more important.

Upon discovering Democratic Socialist, Bernie Sanders, I immediately decided to attend his rally on July 18. Hearing him passionately approach the issues that he (and I) believes need solutions in America and seeing the 11,000 people gathered at the PCC, I found whom my vote was going to be for in 2016.

  • Debt-free Education for All — Addressing the issue on how many intelligent kids want an education yet cannot receive one due to their families’ lacking the financial resources, Sanders introduced his fight for no-tuition public colleges. “What it (free public colleges) will tell kids in the fourth grade, in the sixth grade, here in Phoenix, or in Burlington, Vermont, (is) that no matter how poor you may be, if you study hard, you do well in school, you can in fact get all the education you need.” Furthermore, receiving a student loan can leave a person in debt for as much as $400,000 or more. Bernie Sanders’s goal is to lower the ridiculous student loan interest rates. He proclaimed, “If you can refinance your home at 2 or 3 percent, you shouldn’t be paying 10 percent on student loans.”
  • Guaranteed Medical and Family Leave — “What our Republican colleagues talk about are family values,” Sanders pointed out. What type of family values? Some of them include the ban on contraceptives, abortion and to say “no” to same-sex marriage. What does Sanders believe are family values? In order to support family values, workers must be guaranteed medical and family leave. He stands to fight for 12 weeks of paid family leave so that parents can bond with their babies with no financial worry. He says that he will also ensure paid sick time so that workers are not concerned about consequences if they become ill.
  • Plan to Reduce Unemployment — Unemployment is currently at an all-time high in the United States. “When working people have money in their pockets, they go out and they buy goods and they buy services, and when they do that, they create jobs. But when millions of people have nothing to spend, we’re not creating the jobs that we need,” Sanders preaches. He says he will arrange to invest money in building and improving roads and bridges, creating up to 13 million jobs and relieving this country of its unemployment travesty.

Bernie Sanders is known to use the “dirty” word “socialism.” What many conservatives have mistaken this word for is its Marxism-Leninism definition, which entails a dictatorship of all the impoverished people. If it is a benefit to the state, then it is a benefit to the people. Sanders considers himself a “democratic” socialist. In this type of society, whilst under a capitalist economy, the welfare system is run by the state and it creates equal rights and opportunities for everyone. With free education, the removal of wealth inequality, and universal health care available to all, Social Democrat Bernie Sanders plans on giving everyone an equal opportunity.

Social Democrat Bernie Sanders plans on giving everyone an equal opportunity.”

Bernie Sanders is the candidate for the millennial generation. His position on education and it’s right to be debt-free, his fight for paid leave, and his plan to improve the horror that is unemployment are a few of the reasons that young adults should make an effort to vote.

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Giving the Bern a turn: Eyes opened to need for solutions