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Cacao Truffles: sweet, easy, and mouth-watering

Sarah Al Darraji, Foods Editor

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Do you enjoy indulging chocolate with a hint of butter?

Something sweet, easy and mouth-watering?

This recipe is easy and fun to make, and you can shape it the way you want. I enjoy making truffle-style dessert, so I chose to shape the batter into balls.

To make these delicious truffles follow this recipe.


2 cups of ground tea biscuit

¼ cup of shredded coconut

½ cup of condensed milk

½ cup of cacao

½ cup of melted butter


      In a big bowl, combine the ground tea biscuit; then add the shredded coconut, and cacao. Mix well.

      Add the condensed milk and butter; mix well.

      Test the mixture by trying to form it into a ball. If it forms successfully, then the dough is ready. If it’s too dry, add more of the condensed milk and butter, but if it’s too liquid add more of the ground biscuit.

      Form the mixture into a ball shape or lay it on Pyrex. Make sure you wrap the Pyrex with plastic wrap before you pour the mixture, so it doesn’t stick to the Pyrex.

      Place your dessert in the fridge for three hours or in the freezer for 30-60 minutes for quicker results.

      In a small bowl, add cacao. Drop each truffle into the bowl to give it a silky texture.

    Serve with a cup of hot tea or coffee.

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Cacao Truffles: sweet, easy, and mouth-watering