Student takes college in stride

Bethany Ortiz, Humans of PVCC Editor, Puma Press

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Felecity Radmore, Paradise Valley Community College student, sits under the shaded patio area besides the Kranitz Student Center with her head hunched over her phone, concentrating on the screen. She seems comfortable in her jeans and T-shirt and wears a relaxed expression on her face.

Radmore is a student athlete at PVCC who runs track. She used to also be an athlete in high school, and that has helped very much in her transition to college.

“It’s pretty much just like high school to me,” Radmore says when comparing college to high school.

Radmore also moved out of her mother’s house after graduating high school because her mom moved to Oregon for a better job. She now lives in an apartment with a roommate and says she enjoys the freedoms that come along with moving out.

“I like how I’m on my own now,” she says. “Before, I was living with my mom, so I like the transition. Being able to go and do what I want to do.”

Radmore’s mom is currently still supporting her, but recently Radmore has gotten a job and will be able to support herself with only a little help from her mom. She says moving out has made her feel more responsible for herself because she can no longer run to her parent when something is wrong. Being so far away from her mom has pushed her to realize that it is important to learn to handle things on her own without a lot of help.

The shift from living with family to living on her own has also brought Radmore closer to her family. She says she actually feels better connected with them because she has learned to appreciate each moment she is able to spend with them.

As she talks about her recent life experiences, Radmore shrugs as though all of the current changes in her life are “no big deal.”

“It was alright. It was not hard it was just something different,” Radmore said.

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Student takes college in stride