Social Media interferes with true love

Relying on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter makes weak foundation for strong romance

Nia Mcmillon, Technology Editor, Puma Press

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People will agree that the use of social platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) help project a perfect image of how individuals prefer to be seen. However, when these tools are used to find significant others, one can only wonder the person who attracts him or her to is really who they portray to be.

Instead of basing romantic relationships on deep conversation and life experiences, we are basing them on social media posts. These interactions have been used as a replacement for personal connection. They also introduce problems to relationships. In an article released by Tyler Curry on the Huffpost Gay Voices, he wrote, “The truth is that the content and character of possible love should be revealed in layers. The development of fruitful relationship takes effort, and it is impossible to reach a level of depth with a person by meticulously parsing (his or her) Facebook self.” Taking what may seem as an easy rode into a relationship can introduce factors that create conflict.

The Buried Insecurity of Social Media

If you can’t judge a book by its cover, then looking at an individual’s Snap Chat feed won’t tell you much either. Each person is unique, but many are quick to change themselves for approval on social media by taking precautions to avoid labels of differentiation. Their buried insecurities will arise in the pursued relationships. Putting on a fake persona will have your significant other not only question who you really are, but also have them believe they were being deceived from the beginning. To save time and confusion, be upfront with them, rather than lead them into painting another picture of who you are. By no means am I saying that you should you post everything about yourself on social media, because most things are private, but do post the most important factors that others can connect with. From this you will meet people with whom you can develop meaningful relationships while playing it safe.

Speeding the Process of Love

There is a process to all things; however, some things take more time than others. This is the way it is with relationships. There are things you learn quickly about a person, but some information is brought to the surface after months or years of knowing the individual. Trying to speed up the process so you can start a relationship won’t give you the same outcome as you would realize if you took your time. Also take into account the amount of trust you will be able to develop with the person over time. You are more likely to trust someone based on their character and life experiences rather than on their personal interests. Most of this will not be shown till both individuals in the relationship are comfortable enough to reveal their inner beings to each other .The best advice you can follow is to wait for love to grow, but don’t force it to happen just because you have similar factors in common. The “agape” or unconditional form of love is patient, so wait for it to bloom.

Bottom line, social media is a means of connecting and creating relationships with other individuals. If your main purpose for using it is to find your true love, be careful and be cautious. Not all people are who they say they are, and not all people are who they post to be. When love comes your way, you won’t need any form of social platform to make it work.










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Social Media interferes with true love