For whom the (Social Media)Bell Trolls: the mockery of Pro-Athletes

Athletes loosing good reputation based off social media chaos

Berto Gonzalez, Humor Editor, Puma Press

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“A reputation takes years and years to build, and it takes one press of a button to ruin,” star Houston Texans Defensive End JJ Watt iterated in an interview with Unmistakable, not because of the behemoth Watt is physically, but for his mammoth personality enclosed within. He digs right into the soul of any potential or current Pro-athlete and lets them know that they have a reputation to uphold. They need to know that they have to keep their mouths, or technically thumbs, silent in the infinite pool of accessible media that can be spun faster than an opposing QB’s head trying to sense Watt coming from the edge.

This is the eternal struggle with these famous jocks; it’s better to leave the keyboard untouched, but who’s controlling how and under what connotation their words are being retold?

Who is keeping the trolls under their respective bridges? Or even, who keeps letting them free?

A troll isn’t just a stout, hairy, and moderately unattractive fairy tale creature anymore, although a disgruntled computer geek convention could probably suggest otherwise. These new age “Internet trolls” or “keyboard warriors” feast on the innocent opinion of many like vultures in the Mojave and reconstitute it as a steaming pile of petty ignorance and Caps Lock keys.

Off the record: who said classy poop jokes can’t be printed? Your move, New York Daily Post. I digress.

It is these creatures of habit and this assumingly bad relationship luck that eggs on the high quality super athletes located in any daily Sports Center broadcast. They strive for bigger and wealthier prey and drool at the whiff of broken ego and lost paychecks. The mark of a man should be his self-control and maturity; but if you’re flaunting million dollar outfits and egregious saucer-sized Rolex’s just for playing a child’s game, you’re bound to get cocky. And that’s when the trolls swoop in.

A shooting-form critique here, a footwear insult; then, all of a sudden, an avalanche of mother jesting, put the baller over the top of his emotions. The same keyboard used to highlight team spirit and Bible verses has shunned and shamed you just because some egg-faced profile picture made you mad.

Cyber-chaos is what it is and it is up to us, yes, the common 150-follower-or-less laymen and women, to do our best just to release the envy from our hearts and fingers.

If you haven’t signed a pro-quo in Cam Newton’s contract that grants a million dollar royalty for every F-bomb and “ugly as f**k” reference, then just keep scrolling. We can’t keep letting these athletes shy away from performing to their highest ability and being the role model that they are capable of being.

Don’t we owe it to these athletic freaks of nature that use a six-month overtime binge to clean their shoe closet every week? Of course we do! Because we’re all the same, mostly.

See a troll? Silence them, once and for all. Being a troll? Just keep your mouth shut no one liked you in high school AP calculus and no one li

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For whom the (Social Media)Bell Trolls: the mockery of Pro-Athletes