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Arizona Senate bill limits abortion pill usage

Allison Neri, Reporter, Puma Press

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Senate Bill 1324 will stop doctors from prescribing a drug that induces abortions known as RU- 486 after seven weeks of pregnancy. The new bill will also ensure that all abortion drugs are taken in doses that are approved by the FDA as well as consumed at a clinic, not at home.

Bryan Howard, President and CEO, Planned Parenthood Arizona made a statement on planned parenthood’s website saying, “We’ve seen the harmful consequences for women when politicians restrict access to abortion, forcing them to travel hundreds of miles, risk losing their jobs, delay care, or as we’re seeing in some places, take matters into their own hands.”

Sen. Andy Biggs, R-Arizona also sponsored bill SB1485 which would put a ban to any charitable donations to Planned Parenthood through paychecks. The bills were passed through with 18-11 votes. Arizona has more Republicans than they do Democrats when it comes to senators which may be the reason why only Arizona has set in place this new law.


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Arizona Senate bill limits abortion pill usage