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Brother Dean Preaches Hate at PVCC, Others Campuses

Emma Ascott, Editor in Chief

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Every few months or so a man who calls himself Brother Dean comes to Paradise Valley Community College and stands in the amphitheater (the circular grass lawn close to the main entrance of the campus) and preaches his version of Christianity. He usually wears one of his many incredibly offensive shirts and carries a large video camera. He records himself as well as the crowd that gathers around him, and he usually posts the long videos on his Youtube channel. Whenever he makes an appearance on campus, many students make jokes at him and take videos mocking him on Snapchat or upload them on Twitter. Lately he’s been attracting even more attention.

In the last few years he’s made himself a notable character on many Arizona college campuses. He travels around Phoenix and to Tucson to yell at students about how they’re all sinners (to put it nicely). Brother Dean says that gays are destroying the country; feminist are evil; Muslims are going to hell; and that women are contributing to their own damnation for being women.

He last came to PVCC on April 18, 2017. After saying something along the lines of how all the students were disgusting and immoral, everyone began to hug each other in front of him to show him that love wins, to which he yelled, “You’re hugging your way to hell.”

Whenever he comes to a campus, he’s always wearing a homemade shirt. A few of the slogans on them say, “This is what the patriarchy looks like,” “You deserve rape,” and “Feminists murder innocent babies.” One of his main gimmicks is yelling, “You deserve rape” and telling girls passing that the yoga pants they’re wearing are “slut pants.” One can only assume that he thrives off the attention he gets, although it’s almost all negative. With views as extreme as his, he’s made himself quite an outcast.

In May 2016 a 19-year-old girl hit Brother Dean in the head with a baseball bat when he was “preaching” at a high school in Phoenix. “These kids don’t need to see that,” a man tells Brother Dean just moments before he’s struck on the head. Many kids can be heard cheering after the girl hits him with a baseball bat. The girl was arrested and charged with felony assault. The video can be watched online, but be warned because it’s slightly graphic and shows blood dripping down his face.

Last semester at PVCC, he told a boy that he was going to hell for being a “fag” and also targeted his hatred toward a Muslim boy standing next to him and said he was also going to hell for not being a Christian. He often asks the crowd that gathers around him if they’re “going to sin this weekend” and everyone screams back that they are going to and then laugh at him. Brother Dean comes to college (and sometimes high school) campuses just to antagonize students. He purposely goes to places where his views are not welcome because he wants to bait people and start a fight. His views are not backed up by the Bible; all it can be called is hate speech.

Vice did a short documentary on Dean Saxton, which is his real name, in 2014. It’s had over a million views, and in the video Brother Dean is shown “preaching” at the University of Arizona. He was arrested in September 2016 on U of A’s campus for assaulting a girl by kicking her in the chest when she approached him. The Phoenix New Times reported on this incident. He was banned from the campus for a year and only received a Class One misdemeanor.

Many people, including students, teachers and other staff at PVCC have inquired as to why he’s allowed on these campuses and why he’s allowed to spew his hatred openly. The answer is that this country has free speech and non-privatized college campuses are public spaces, so Brother Dean is allowed to speak his hate speech. However, assault is not allowed. Students from PVCC and U of A have said that his presence at their colleges is disruptive and even tell him so when he visits the campuses, yet he continues to come and try to upset people. When he makes his next appearance at PVCC, it’s best to ignore him and not participate in arguing with him. He will never see logic, and you shouldn’t waste your time. “Violence and emoting are not discourse. Just screaming expletives is not rational discourse,” said Dr. Kelly Burton, PVCC’s Philosophy professor.

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Brother Dean Preaches Hate at PVCC, Others Campuses