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Permanent face tattoos pose problems

Mike Tyson attends a party to celebrate the premiere of

AP Photo by Charles Sykes

Mike Tyson attends a party to celebrate the premiere of "Taking on Tyson" in New York, Wednesday, March 2, 2011.

Courtney Bush, Staff Writer

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Having tattoos on the arms or the back is one thing, but to have the mindset to want to get a completely permanent face tattoo is another. Tattoos are characterized as an expression to one who does not know what to say verbally, so they would rather have it permanently drawn onto their skin. To one, a tattoo could have a majority of meanings behind it; stories and memories are shared through tattoos. It most definitely is not against any law to go ahead and get yourself a purposeful tattoo, but as far as regulations and rules in a work environment (depending on the workplace), visible tattoos are prohibited due to their lack of professionalism.

“The managers were concerned about what their organizations’ customers might think,” said Dr. Andrew R. Timming in the article “Tattoos Reduce Chances of Getting a Job” on sciencedaily.com. “Hiring managers realize that, ultimately, it does not matter what they think of tattoos — what really matters, instead, is how customers might perceive employees with visible tattoos.”

Once in a blue moon, one might notice a surgeon or doctor with an arm sleeved with tattoos and begin to wonder how they got hired. One guess would have to be that the surgeon or doctor does quite well in their practice and most certainly does not need anyone to tell them otherwise. Nowadays, interacting with someone with an apparent face tattoo could leave one questioning or have questions for them, such as why even do it in the first place? It is hard to believe that one would actually go through with the plan of wanting something permanently drawn on their face, but it is even more vigorously inaccurate to someone who knows the life-changing obstacles they will face when pursuing a career.

“No. Alot of stuff happened out of this tattoo, a lot of good stuff. Other young athletes come to me and said,It’s because of you they call it the ‘Mike Tyson’.” -Mike Tyson said in 2016 when asked by Sports Illustrated if he regretted getting his face tattoo

The one man we all think about when it comes to a recognizable face tattoo is the actor and former professional boxer, Mike Tyson. He has a visible flame located on his whole left side of his face and never does it go unseen.
It is commonly known what to expect and what to wear when going in for an interview for your possible career. Generally, do not be startled if you do not get the job, it was probably because of the lightning bolt tattooed on your face; thus, meaning a face tattoo was the inappropriate thing to do.

“They know that highly visible tattoos like hand and facial decorations can cause the wearer to become the subject of ridicule or impede their chances of finding employment,” according to an article on liveabout.com.
Infrequently does one find a tattoo artist willing to do face and hand tattoos because they are well aware of the potential dilemmas that their work will cause someone down the road. Ask yourself, “Is it worth it? Do I want it or do I need it? Is it worth risking the potential stares and smirks?”

A massive amount of people would easily say “no,” but one who is daring and willing to take risks would say otherwise. Being a lawyer, working as a bank teller or even selling cars, it is a regulation to either hide your tattoos or you cannot have them at all, even with ways of covering them up. Tattoo artists want their customers to be ecstatic with their choice of art and to not deplore the idea later in life. One should think not twice, but three times before having the urge to get a face tattoo because that piece of permanent art will determine either the rest of one’s life or the beginning.

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Permanent face tattoos pose problems