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Apps make fashion accessible for all

Photo by Wendy Neyra

Photo by Wendy Neyra

Wendy Neyra, Staff Writer

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As far back as we can date, the most affluent have influenced the fashion world. The wedding dress is a perfect example of how the rich can influence the poor and middle class. According to a blog post by Leimoni Oakes, a textile and fashion historian and blogger known as The Dreamstress, in 1840, Queen Victoria wore a white wedding dress and in doing so, influenced all the peasants and poorer class in the community. In this day and age, we have social media to influence our understanding of the fashion world and trends.

With these devices at our disposal, we need not only follow trends, we can begin them.
Since apps were created, one app in particular influenced my definition of style and those of many others. Pinterest would be classified all over the world as the center of inspiration for style. You simply scroll through various pages of magazine editorials, celebrity style or just regular girls giving their perspectives on style. A second useful tool in the world of fashion to help you not be left behind on the trends is Instagram. It has become an addiction for most people. The pictures of the rich and glamorous are idealized for their current lifestyle.

Using these apps have become a part of the daily routine in putting an outfit together for many people. Getting compliments will be the best part, won’t it? Whether you follow these Pinterest and Instagram celebrities for self-assurance or the desire to know that you look good is entirely up to you. As an individual, you want to create your own sense of style, and with the help of these apps – you’ll do just that. This gives you the opportunity to not only emulate but to elaborate on current fashion styles all over the world. Who knows, with the help of all these applications someday you could be the next Kate Moss.

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Apps make fashion accessible for all