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I recorded what I dreamt about and the results were wild

A spider navigates a web dripping with morning dew in Overland Park, Kan. Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2007. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)


A spider navigates a web dripping with morning dew in Overland Park, Kan. Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2007. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

Heidi Wagenbach, Staff writer

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Dreams are windows into the subconscious. Everyone pretty much knows that. Sometimes dreams can be scary or funny, super weird or super realistic. There are the classic fantasies of flying, teeth falling out, your significant other cheating or you or showing up somewhere in nothing but your birthday suit, according to an article on mentalfloss.com. Usually, I’m a pretty normal sleeper. I get a good amount of sleep each night (if I don’t get at least seven, I’m like a zombie the next day) and my dreams are all around… sane. I know some people who have experienced lucid dreams or even sleep paralysis. I’ve had glimpses of being able to control what I’m dreaming of, but never to that extreme. Lately, however, my dreams have been crazy, so using the handy tool of Google, I have uncovered what these symbols or situations really mean and how it parallels into my everyday life.


1) I got shot in the stomach.




Getting shot can be interpreted so many ways, the distance, the person, the location where the bullet landed. I was shot really close in the stomach by a random stranger. I didn’t die but was wounded, and waking up, my hand was in the exact spot where I was shot in the dream, as if I was trying to stop the bleeding. (Wild, amiright?)

So, breaking this down: being shot by a person I don’t know means I’m having trouble in the workplace, says an article on dreamingandsleeping.com. My brain is giving me a head’s up to be cautious around these “friends,” or perhaps I feel jealousy for a fellow co-worker. I’ve been warned not to “reveal too much information about [myself].”

Well, I’m not coming back to this job next year anyway so that’s a relief.

Secondly, being wounded, apparently for women, means I’m going to be cheated on by my partner. Don’t have one (forever alone), therefore this has to be something different. Well, the website dreamingandsleeping.com had the answer. I might be a “target of injustice” or “someone may hurt my feelings and I won’t be able to do anything about it”.

Finally, according to the same website, getting shot up close means my life is basically falling apart, and I need to figure something out before it gets worse. As I said before, I’m taking the summer off and focussing on school and going on vacation and then applying somewhere else to work. Things are starting to look brighter even though this dream was super dark.


2) I dreamt of spiders.


I hate spiders. They’re disgusting little creatures, and I basically gag whenever I see one. If there’s a eight legged arachnid in my room, I freak out. Anyone else out there feel the same? Raise your hand. Just kidding, put your hand down; you look weird.

Surprisingly, even though my disgust toward spiders is strong, and I think they’re super creepy, they actually have a positive meaning! There were cobwebs in my dream, and the spiders had kinda formed a little house in these paper cones that these other people were holding… yeah, my mind has been chaotic. Dreamingandsleeping.com stated that’s a good sign, prefacing a reward of some sort in the future! This dream was a day after the gun wound one… so…  *sigh of relief*.


3) Climbing on playground equipment.


Now, I work for a school, so this dream didn’t seem like too much of a surprise. Still, playgrounds have a deeper meaning in dreams. According to dreambible.com, playgrounds are symbols to the dreamer that you are feeling carefree with less responsibilities and doing what you please. You are finally being allowed to enjoy yourself.

This reflects in real life, because playing with the kids is something I really enjoy, whether it’s tag or fish out of water or even just throwing a tennis ball back and forth, it brings back childhood memories. How does that saying go? “Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional”?


4) Hissssss…


In this dream, I encountered a woman who had a snake tattoo on her inner forearm. Not too strange, seeing I just got my first tattoo about a month ago. Still, aspects of this can be interpreted. Firstly, thinking about tattoos on a stranger shows that I could possibly experience a new romance that will definitely throw a curveball in my current situation. Even if I don’t notice at first, I need to keep an open mind and give love a chance. Hm… forever alone doesn’t seem like forever now…  

Secondly, the snake, the color can be also a sign. It was yellow, and that color heeds warning. I may find a person I’m interested in, but I need to stay aware, alerts dreamingandsleeping.com.



5) Rocket Raccoon, is that you? Will Chris Pratt stop by, any chance? (Guardians of the Galaxy reference, I’ll see myself out.)


Raccoons are adorable little trash pandas that wear masks, but they’re also really big tricksters and thieves. I won’t get too much into this dream because there were a ton of strange moments but overall, raccoons are normally diagnosed based on dreambible.com, as dishonest, negative, deceitful and overall have bad intentions.

I’d like to think I’m a good person… sometimes… occasionally…

*goes to hide*


6) Front door of my house opening then closing then opening…

This can get a little complicated. Dreambible.com stated that a door opening shows opportunity awaits or a new part of life has been initiated. A closed door means the exact opposite. What was so interesting with this dream was I didn’t know what was constantly opening this locked door. I was getting frustrated, so I was the one shutting it. Basically, I need to make the choice of whether or not I want this change. I’m the one who has to decide. I am a strong, independent woman who don’t need no man.


To conclude what I’ve learned…


My dreams are complicated. I’ve tried to simplify things down for this article, but my sleeping fantasies are a mumbled jumble of stuff I don’t quite understand. These are just parts of a whole that is probably so much broader and means so much more than I can even begin to fathom. (Anyone know the number of a good psychologist to take a look at them??)

Even though I dissected my dreams, these parts I chose to focus on really did give me an insight to where my brain got these crazy images. Your brain organizes both conscious and subconscious feelings you experienced in the day (at least that’s what I’ve heard) so it’s no wonder why I went through such an odd week of dreams since this past week has been odd.

Normally, I can’t remember what I’ve dreamt and the hours pass by in darkness.

I encourage you, reader, to do this. Don’t just talk about your dreams to your friends, research them. You may find something useful or gain further insight about yourself.

So, to quote Aerosmith:

Dream on…

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I recorded what I dreamt about and the results were wild