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6 apps to help college students succeed!

Nia Mcmillon, Technology Editor

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You use apps every day, whether it’s to check emails, look at trending photos, or even jam to music. Aside from keeping you entertained and connected, there are also apps that can make your college life just as sweet as you dreamed. Here are the six apps you need to survive college life:

1. Alarmy aka. Sleep If You Can Now I know you all believe that you are super humans that can stay up to the crack of dawn, then expect to wake up the next morning without hitting your snooze button five times in the process. That is not the case with the Alarmy. The only way to get this alarm to shut up is by doing the many tasks it requires, such as shaking your phone 50 times or taking a picture of something used in your morning routine. There is no snooze button whatsoever. Try using this alarm next time you’re up late finishing your term paper and can’t afford to be late for class again.

Available for $1.99 on iTunes and Google Play

2. EasyBib Instead of taking hours to type your work cited page use EasyBib which can scan book codes for you along with going to your website links and giving you the work cited information right there. Now there is no excuse to not having a work cited page for your paper. You just have to remember where you got all the information from.

Available for FREE on iTunes and Google Play

3. Myfitness Pal In high school, everyone heard that once in college you gain an instant 15 pounds, hands down. Once you hit the cafe, there is junk food galore all around you, calling your name (and your taste buds) to bask in its goodness. Good thing you will be well prepared using the Myfitness Pal app. All you have to do is list your weight, height, and how much activity you do (low activity, moderate, or high). The app will then give you allowable calorie amounts if you want to keep your shape, lose weight, or gain muscle. Keeping track of what you eat is simple and fast. Look up what you eat or even scan the bar code. Your calories are added and you can really see what you eat in a day. Talk about reality check.

Available for FREE on iTunes and Google Play

4. Mathway Math doesn’t rate high as a favorite subject; it takes a lot of thought and effort to put all those numbers and calculations together to get a solution. What if I were to tell you that getting a tutor isn’t your only option anymore? Yes, I know we have some amazing math tutors on campus that are available to help you whenever you need it. However, there are times you are home doing your homework and completely stuck on one problem. You can either wait till the next day to ask your math teacher or write the question and get step-by-step help for your problem using your phone. With the app Mathway, just type in the problem and go through your options to find the answer you are looking for. Quick, easy and simple.

Available for FREE on iTunes and Google Play

5. Mint Do you have a lot of cards in your wallet from different banking distributors? Then for each one there is a username and password you must use to find out what is remaining on your card. Or maybe you are a happy shopper and lose track of you spending habits every pay day. To organize your spending, Mint places all your money information in one place. It will then track your spending habits and set a budget for you to keep track of. No excuses for spending your whole check in a week. You can put money away for more important things (like more shopping sprees).

Available for FREE on Google Play and iTunes

6. Genius Scan + Being a college student your bag is already stuffed with tons of notes and bulky books full of knowledge. You don’t have much room for a scanner to document your papers. On the other hand, you do have a camera that can take the image of any document and send it to your computer using the Genius Scan +. Use it for notes, online assignments, or even documents you need signed in a hurry with a snap of your camera. If you absolutely need to, you could always go the E Building on campus to scan your documents there, but where is the fun in that?

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6 apps to help college students succeed!