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Brows on “Fleek”

How to Achieve Flawless, Natural-looking Eyebrows

Mackenzie Lawrén, Fashion Editor

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There’s no doubt that drawing on your own eyebrows can be trickier than it seems, but Los Angeles make up artist, Jessica Flores, reveals her secrets to achieving perfect eyebrows.

Flores is a licensed make-up artist based in Los Angeles, California who went to Fab Glam Fierce Pomona cosmetology school. Her make-up artistry has been featured in many fashion shows, shoots such as the Venice Beach Fashion Show, Exotic Fashion Magazine and L.A. Fashion Week. She has also done make-up for celebrity LeToya Luckett, American R&B singer from Destiny’s Child.

When I asked Flores what her biggest secret to creating the perfect eyebrows was, she said: “Most women begin lining their brows in the front, but if you do that, they look way too intense, dramatic and unnatural. The trend right now is thick and natural eyebrows. The best way to achieve the natural-look is by starting just before the arch of your brow. The ends of your brow should look more defined than the front. You can also outline the brows with a concealer using a concealing brush to make your lines look cleaner.”

The Brush — Like many other women, I found myself watching tutorial after tutorial trying to figure out how the professionals made their brows look so good. I found that most artists use an angled brush and pressed, matte powder, rather than using eyebrow pencils. “The good thing about using eyebrow powder and an angled brush is that once you’ve finished lining your brows, they will appear more natural than if you used something like a pencil or liquid,” explains Flores.

The Color — Another thing to consider when applying make up to your brows, is what color you use. Flores advises us to try our best to stay away from powder colors that are too light or too dark. The artist says that if you have dark hair, you should use a powder up to two shades lighter and if you have light hair, use a powder two shades darker.

Eyebrow Wax — To tame your brows, “ . . . it’s smart to use a good quality eyebrow wax to comb through your brows when you’re done coloring them in.” This will ensure that the hairs will stay in place throughout the day. “You can also use finishing spray over your whole face to make the color last longer as well,” says Flores.

Do eyebrows sound like high maintenance yet?

It turns out that eyebrows are much more complicated than just the make-up portion. “You should also consider grooming your brows every couple of weeks; depending on how quickly your brows grow,” says Flores.

Grooming — There are several different ways you can keep your brows well groomed, such as waxing, tweezing or threading. “Threading is definitely my favorite,” admits Flores.

The make up artist describes how painful, time consuming and difficult tweezing each hair can be. Flores used to wax her brows, but has recently switched to threading because “ . . . waxing can potentially tear at the skin; which is not only painful, but will also make it harder to apply make up for the next couple days.”

Flores says that there’s no way to avoid a little sting here and there, but threading has always made her brows look best and it’s ultimately an easier process.

Although eyebrows are an art of their own, “ . . . they are one of the first things people see when they look at you,” tells Flores. Spending a little extra time making the finishing touches to our faces may be worth our while.

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Brows on “Fleek”