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Super Model’s Diet Raises Some Questions

PVCC Nutrition Professor Evaluates Victoria's Secret Model, Adrianna Lima's, Diet

Mackenzie Johnson, Fashion Editor

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Whether you believe all models are on crazy diets with extreme restrictions or that models are just born naturally with perfect bodies or that they actually don’t eat at all, there’s one thing for sure: whatever Brazilian Victoria’s Secret Angel, Adriana Lima, is doing, she must be doing right.


As reported by HealthyCeleb on its website, the Angel’s diet is set up so her calorie intake decreases as the day progresses. Her diet is not limited to, but typically includes the following:

Breakfast: Oatmeal with raisins and egg whites, milk or coffee, Muesli with yogurt or honey

Mid-day Meal and Snacks: Fish, chicken or red meat, grilled and raw vegetables, chocolate and a spoonful of honey

Dinner: Salad

Victoria’s Secret Angels’ nutritionist, Dr. Charles Passler, D.C., told E magazine that he also encourages eating what’s called a Paleo diet. A Paleo diet is a low-carb diet consisting of natural, available foods that are unprocessed. The doctor also has the models on a customized diet including Metagenics Products, a line of supplements that he promotes.

Paradise Valley Community College’s Fitness and Nutrition faculty, Tahereh Hosseinpour, evaluated Lima’s diet for the Puma Press. Hosseinpour notes what the supermodel is doing right and what may raise some red flags.

“Her BMI and waist-to-hip ratio indicate that she is in healthy body weight status,” says Hosseinpour. However, she adds that Lima’s diet lacks carbohydrates. The majority of her carbohydrates are composed of vegetables, and her diet lacks grains, fruit and healthy fats, which is concerning to Hosseinpour.

“This might help her stay in shape, but in the long run, this might jeopardize her health,” explains the PVCC professor.

Carbohydrates fuel the body, providing energy. According to the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, carbohydrates’ roles include “providing energy for working muscles, providing fuel for the central nervous system, enabling fat metabolism, and preventing protein from being used as energy.”

Lima does many forms of exercising, such as boxing, High Interval Training, yoga, and capoeira; a Brazilian art that includes a combination of dancing, fighting and rhythm. She is definitely getting her daily dose of exercise, but she may not be giving her body enough carbohydrates to support her activity level.

Hosseinpour also suggests that Lima would benefit from more variety in her diet. “I would include variety in her diet among the five major food groups because fitness is not the only concern,” says Hosseinpour. “I want her to include good nutrients in her diet — especially with her active and busy lifestyle.”

Hosseinpour says she would add “ . . . whole grain, legumes, small amount of oil from fish, vegetable oil, oil from nuts and seeds and a variety of vegetables and fruits among her recommendations.”

She believes these minor changes could be very beneficial to Lima, but she notes that there are still many more important factors to take into account in order to provide proper feedback about a person’s diet, such as what time the person eats meals, portion sizes, the way food is prepared and health history to name a few.

Whether or not Lima’s diet seemed as cut-throat as some might have expected, her workout plan is just “genius,” according to Phoenix fashion model, Asia. “Her workouts are brilliant!” Asia tells Northeast Valley News, “It’s not only entertaining . . . but they target all of the main areas without going overboard.”

“Adriana’s secret” doesn’t just end at dieting, however. The Brazilian supermodel trains with Michael Olajide, an international fitness expert and former boxing champion. According to Vogue, Lima says, “it’s the only thing I do for exercise . . . it’s a passion.” Lima’s workout begins with exercises designed to sharpen her concentration and speed: five to 10 minute workouts include shadowboxing and jumping jacks. This is intended to keep Lima energized and focused for the rest of her remaining 90-minute workout. Lima will then jump rope with a variety of different combinations to induce sweat. Even on days where Lima is on the road, she makes time to jump rope for at least 10 minutes. Her exercises include high repetition using her own body weight. Olajide wraps up the workout by sparring with Lima in the ring for 40 minutes.

It’s imperative that fashion models have lean figures and proportions without appearing too muscular or unhealthily skinny. It would be easy to assume then, that models spend a good portion of their time at the gym; but even Lima had Asia fooled.

“I honestly thought the way to get a great Victoria’s-Secret-ready body was to eat healthy, of course, but also live in the gym, lifting weights and things of that nature,” admits Asia. However, Lima’s healthy lifestyle shows you don’t necessarily have to live at the gym for a VS Angel body. Moderation and variety are key.

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Super Model’s Diet Raises Some Questions