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How to achieve a flawless face in 10 minutes

Step by Step ways to use get your make up done under 10 minutes

Carolyn Cuevas, Staff Writer Puma Press

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As a college woman, you have a very busy life and hardly have time to get ready in the morning. However, you feel must always look your best because that is what counts, especially on an important day at school.

If you find yourself rushing every morning, start off by preparing a makeup kit the night before with your favorite makeup goodies. Once you have your favorite kind of makeup products and everything is ready in the kit, then you can advance up the paste and finish to 10 minutes.

Remember, before you start your makeup routine, make sure you do your skin a favor by applying a good hydrating moisturizer and have utterly clean skin. Get into the addiction of always cleansing and moisturizing first. It will improve your makeup look 10 times over.

Try to take a minute for each step below or else you will be late!

First Step: Primer — In order for your foundation to look flawless, use a good quality primer under the foundation. A primer’s job is to help the foundation last longer. It also visually blurs pore imperfections. In addition, you need primer to control the redness of the skin. Make sure to apply it with sanitized fingers for a better result.

Step Two: Foundation — Choose a foundation that matches your skin color perfectly. You want to look natural. Paint the foundation onto your skin with your fingers or brush, and then use a damped beauty blender (sponge) to blend it into the skin and neck. A beauty blender manages to help blend the foundation fast. Therefore, you will be done with foundation in less than two minutes.

Step Three: Concealer — In all type of circumstances, concealer is a very important step in your makeup routine. A quality concealer helps under eye circles to disappear along with any other harsh imperfections, like pimples. Apply the concealer downward under the eye in a triangle shape and blend away with a beauty blender, brush or your fingers. Don’t take too long on this step.

Step Four: Loose Powder — If you want your foundation and concealer not to crease, then apply translucent powder. This type of powder helps the face to look matte and oil-free. Believe it or not, powder makes a difference because it will help your makeup look flawless. It’s worth the try.

Step Five: Eyes — Now if you think you haven’t taken more than five minutes with the previous steps, then go ahead and apply your favorite light color eye shadow onto the crease as your transition to add dimension to your eye shape. Quickly smudge with your brush or your pinky to add a glittery smudge on the tip of your tear duct. This will bring out the eyes and make them look more awake.

Step Six: Mascara — Pick out your favorite mascara and apply it onto your lashes. Mascara has the power to elongate your lashes and adds volume, too. After applying mascara wait for 20 seconds and apply another coat.

Step Seven: Eyebrows — Brush out the brow hairs and quickly fill in any gaps you see within your brow hairs with a brow brush. Brush out again and see if you missed any spots. Otherwise, you’re good to go.

Step Eight: Bronzer — You don’t have time to pick out a blush, but you have a couple seconds for bronzer. You want that sun-kissed look, so go right ahead and get a little crazy by applying bronzer to the hallows of your cheekbones, chin, sides of nose, and edges of the forehead.

Step Nine: Lipstick — Pick out your favorite color lipstick or lip gloss. According to the season of the year, wear something appropriate and radically good looking on the lips. Wear powder on the center of your lips after the lipstick to get a matte finish, or to help it last all day.

Step Ten: Time is up. You are ready to head out the door looking flawless and natural.

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How to achieve a flawless face in 10 minutes