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College students finally getting sequels, reboots to childhood classics

Russell Spacy, Reporter, Puma Press

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Growing up as a kid, I saw a lot of movies that shaped my childhood. For instance, “Toy Story” — I still remember running around with my little brother, playing Buzz and Woody. I even had the original Woody doll. So, imagine my delight when Disney announced in 2010 that “Toy Story 3” would bring that story that we grew up with all those years to a close.

The best part was that when “Toy Story 3” came out, I was going to be embarking on college right along with the movie’s main character, Andy. I went to the movie sequel with my mother, and she was sobbing by half way through. Add to that, there wasn’t a dry eye in the audience.

I say this because we have come to another great time with Disney; and this time, Pixar has promised us two films that we have been waiting years for, a “Finding Nemo” sequel called “Finding Dory,” which comes out this June, as well as “Incredibles 2,” which we don’t know anything about yet.

Furthermore, Disney is also taking its older animated classics and bringing them to the 21st century via live action and CGI interpretations. This has been shown in its release of “Alice in Wonderland,” which is slated for a sequel, “Alice Through the looking Glass” in May, as well as “Maleficent,” the reinterpreted tale of sleeping beauty from the perspective of the original adaption’s villain. Currently, audiences are being treated to re-interpretation of “The Jungle Book,” released just last week.

Here’s the line up of Disney movie sequels and re-interpretations to be released in the near future.


“Alice Through the Looking Glass”

(sequel to Alice in Wonderland) — Alice travels back to Wonderland, but can she save her friend the Madhatter from Time itself? Release Dates: May 27th, 2016.





FindingDory_700“Finding Dory”

In this sequel to “Finding Nemo,” when Dory remembers that she has a family, she pulls her friends along on a crazy adventure to reunite with them. Release Date: June 17th, 2016.


12717463_948619845226243_3926877774044408612_n“Pete’s Dragon”

Pete, just a normal little orphaned boy, well except for the fact that his best friend Elliot just happens to be a dragon! Release Date: August 12th, 2016.



“Beauty and the Beast”

Live action adaption of the classic tale of a young woman who falls for a monstrous prince (There is no poster currently for this movie). Release Date: March 17th, 2017.


“The Incredibles Sequel”

Our favorite family of Superheroes is off on another adventure (Nothing else is known so far about this film). Release Date: June 21st, 2019.





The thing that excites me the most about these new adaptations and sequels is that Disney realizes that the generation who grew up with these movies wants to be able to enjoy once again these fantastic stories as well as to share them with future generations for years to come.

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College students finally getting sequels, reboots to childhood classics