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Taco Bell releases new ‘white mystery’ flavored Freeze

Allison Neri, Foods Editor, Puma Press

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Taco Bell released a new Freeze that once again has us asking the same question we did as children; what flavor is the white “Mystery” Airheads? On Sept. 15 Taco Bell introduced their new White Mystery flavored Airheads Freeze.

From my childhood experience, children and adults alike would argue that the white “Mystery” flavor candy is red cherry while others would argue that they just change the flavor each batch.  No matter the case, there is no denying that it was always exciting to rip open that shiny wrapper and see if you could guess the flavor. You will have the same experience with the new freeze as you did with the candy.

I was enticed by the new flavor and decided to give it a try. Measuring the excitement that I had when it came to trying the new Freeze, you would think I was a kid again.

The first taste reminded me of a melted Otter Pop Freeze Ice bars, but after a few more sips the flavor changed into almost a grape-like flavor (does this confirm the theory that there is no specific flavor, that it does indeed change each batch?) The Freeze doesn’t have that syrup flavor that many slushee’s tend to have, which is refreshing. The drink lives up to the sweetness that the taffy-like candy would deliver each bite.

Overall, it’s a fun drink worth trying if not just for the nostalgic feeling. You can get the new Freeze at your local Taco Bell for a price of $1.99 for a 16 ounce, or if you go during their “Happier Hour,” it will cost only a $1.

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Taco Bell releases new ‘white mystery’ flavored Freeze