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6 tips for the stressed out student

Back-to-school excitement turns into stress and mess

Starlight Tucker, Features Editor, Puma Press

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Binders and backpacks are filled with unnecessary papers, with cell phones or important papers sinking to the bottom of the backpack: the black hole. When the mind sees clutter, the mind feels cluttered. Studying is much easier when the student has a method of organizing the busy mind.


  1. Get a PLANNER- Plan out each task for the day. Aplanner to-do list narrows down each responsibility. Each responsibility branches out into more, but a to-do list can make 50 steps turn into 10.






study2. Tips for Studying:

First, create an outline of the chapter. Write down any titles, subtitles, italics and bold print. Study this outline before reading to enhance comprehension.

Have a vocab test? Make flash cards! Memorize three at first, then add on another one. Memorize those four, add another.


3.Keep your room clean– So simple, yet so difficult. Keeping a clean space is like eye-candy. Visual organization helps the mind think thoughts of cleanliness and room
non-stress, whereas visual clutter does not represent an organized mind.

No time for cleaning? Yes there is! Pick up 5 pieces of laundry each time you enter your room and then clear 5 dishes. Wipe off the counter in the bathroom once a day, clean the mirror, each time you enter the bathroom. No need to spend 2 hours when you could spend 2 minutes throughout the day.

4. Clear your mind-
Doing a hobby, sweating out built-up stress at the gym or doing a personal project unrelated to an obligation can give the student an hour or two to become distracted, thus making the stress of responsibility shrink.




5. Motivate: Invest in something that makes school work more exciting, such as visually appealing school supplies, daily inspirational messages and listen to upbeat music. motStarlight Tucker



6. Relax before studying-Try the app “headspace” for 10 free sessions in mindfulness that will teach you how to clean your brain.hs

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6 tips for the stressed out student