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Make an easy vegan recipe: Pollo Asada Fries

Sahara Harmon, Staff Writer

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Growing up in Arizona, I have found great comfort in knowing there was a Filiberto’s, Julioberto’s, Frederico’s, or Eriberto’s just around the corner to satiate my late-night cravings. I would revel in the huge portions of meat, and cheese and grease; just stuffing my face into a lethargic bliss. But this was years ago and since then, my diet has changed for the better. Not to say I still don’t have cravings, but my body doesn’t bounce back like it used to and as much as I used to love the grease, cheese, and meat, my body didn’t. Now feel free to tweak the recipe as needed, but I created a vegan alternative to this classic dish to satisfy all my fast-food dive cravings, give it a try!

Heated Ingredients:
½ bag of frozen french fries
½ bag of soy chicken
2/3 cups of non-dairy cheese

Guacamole Ingredients:
2 avocados
½ an onion
1 small tomato or ½ of a big tomato
½ a lemon

Prepare the fries as directed on the bag. While the fries are baking, prepare the soy chicken as directed on the bag.
When both ingredients are done cooking, turn the oven off, cut up and place the soy chicken on top of the fries, top it with the cheese, and put it back into the warm, but off, oven so the cheese can melt.
While the cheese melts, you can make the guacamole. Chop and dice the onion and tomato, then set to the side. Get a bowl, empty out the avocado into it and start smashing until you get the desired consistency. Mix the diced ingredients in, add a squeeze of lemon and salt and pepper to taste.
Now you are ready to assemble. Place your fries topped with soy chicken and melted cheese onto a plate, then top with a generous amount of guacamole.
And there you have it – a simple, delicious, vegan recipe honoring the tastes and textures of one of my favorite comfort foods, enjoy!

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Make an easy vegan recipe: Pollo Asada Fries