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Diving deeper into the iPhone X

Youths use their mobile phones near an advertisement for iPhone X in Beijing, China, Monday, Nov. 6, 2017

AP Photo, Ng Han Guan

Youths use their mobile phones near an advertisement for iPhone X in Beijing, China, Monday, Nov. 6, 2017

Courtney Bush, Staff Writer

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As consumers, we expect the absolute most to come from Apple every fall when the company showcases a public powerpoint presentation located at the Convention Center in San Jose, California.

The first iPhone ever designed was known as the 1st generation iPhone in the year 2007. To know that it has been 10 years since the first release of an iPhone and to acknowledge the fact that Apple will only continue to make the device greater each year is imperial. On Sept. 16, 2017, Apple held their first-ever annual event in the Steve Jobs Theater where they announced the launch of the watch iOS4, iOS11, Tv 4K, Apple Watch series 3, iPhone 8 and 8 plus, and last but certainly not least, the launch of the iPhone X. The crowd was in awe of all of this coming at them at once. Rumors were roaming around for a couple months prior to the Apple event that there was, indeed, going to be an iPhone with no home button; this new appearance is quite similar to the Samsung Galaxy mobile devices.

A majority of people prefer Apple over Samsung for business and personal reasons; even though both companies provide the same features and style, the software is the deal breaker. “62 percent of iOS users benefit from the software for business while 35 percent of Android users do not,” according to an article on techlandtime.com. Now, with the launch of the iPhone X, Android users are going to have a field day contemplating whether switching to Apple is the valid choice.

The most dramatic change with the newest iPhone is that there is no home button, which can either upset or please consumers. All iPhones have been known for the one home button that can grant access to the home screen of your phone or simply switching from app to app. After getting the chance to get my own hands on the new iPhone, I found that the home button was not the problem, it was the size!

I’m quite a fan of the size of the iPhone I have now, which is the 8 plus. The 5.5 inch phone is convenient for personal purposes such as messaging and taking a beautiful picture on a bigger screen. The iPhone X has a screen size of 5.8 inches, making it a larger screen; this makes complete sense considering the fact there is no home button, making more room for the screen. Another astounding feature is the facial recognition, which is brand new to the iPhone software. This feature makes it just as hard for someone to gain access to one’s phone or stealing one’s information and also quick access to unlocking your phone when in a rush.

Yajaira Mercado, a student at Paradise Valley Community College, recently purchased the iPhone X. Mercado has shared her first and final thoughts about the new device and her opinion is quite conducive. “I was not in a rush to get the iPhone X, I just needed a new phone,” Mercado said. When the chance of getting a new phone gets handed to one, one might as well get the latest iPhone available! “I do like it, something different than the other iPhones. I think the only problem is the placement of the camera on the front screen… It tends to bother me,” said Mercado. Mercado believes it was a greater choice rather than skipping out on the opportunity.

According to an article by macworld.co, “we love this new look, even if we remain cautious about Face ID as a replacement to Touch ID.” We have only to wait patiently another year to figure out what Apple has in store for all iPhone lovers; waiting to see what specifically will come after the new era of the iPhone. Will you be getting your hands on this extraordinary iPhone?

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Diving deeper into the iPhone X