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New Netflix original “Nailed It!” is painfully relatable and hilarious

The exterior of Netflix headquarters is seen in Los Gatos, Calif., Monday, Oct. 10, 2011.


The exterior of Netflix headquarters is seen in Los Gatos, Calif., Monday, Oct. 10, 2011.

Heidi Wagenbach, Staff writer

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Nailed It! debuted this year on Netflix. Hosted by Nicole Byer and head chef Jacques Torres, the six 30 minute episodes are an awesome ride of funny fails and delicious looking treats. The concept of this show is three chefs compete to recreate cute yet quite challenging cakes for which Pinterest is known.

$10,000 is at stake in each episode, and the three chefs compete in two challenges to see who is the best failing baker. (Kind of an oxymoron, right?) In the first sequence, Baker’s Choice, the contestants can choose which cake out of three choices they want to try to make again. They are given 45 minutes. After they bake, or at least try to, the judges (shockingly) judge them, and one of them is announced the winner of that specific challenge. They’re given a small prize, such as a baking gadget like a new mixer, and a golden, sparkly chef hat that announces all the other bakers gotta watch out for their mad skills.

The second part, Nail It or Fail It, is more complicated. With two hours on the clock, the bakers have to really push themselves by making an enormous and detailed cake that the guest host judge has decided for them to create. The contestants are given panic buttons that when pushed, will signal a judge to go over and help them with whatever question they have for three minutes. The baker who struggles in the Baker’s Choice section is given a Nicole Nags (where Byer goes to the other two and annoys them for a couple minutes). In some shows, a freeze button appears which makes the other two stop what they’re doing, no matter what, for three minutes.

In the end, the judges take a look at the cakes’ appearances, which are disastrous, then taste them. The winner, which is the baker whose cake is the closest and most delicious compared to the original, is announced, and the guest host can shoot money at them, and it’s all a big party.

When I started watching this show, I didn’t like it. Byer was obnoxious, and the whole concept was (I’m sorry) stupid. I’m used to watching Chopped or Top Chef or one of the really intense cooking shows where the contestants are cocky and competitive and out to prove themselves. This show, however, almost parodies that, and I’ll be honest… it works really well.

Netflix had the opportunity to make a show that’s relatable (because, admit it, we’ve all had cooking disasters before) and hilarious. Each episode is quirky, unexpected, something we’ve never seen before and easy to watch. It’s enjoyable because you can discover new baking recipes, new techniques, all while enjoying yourself. Nailed It! is one of those funny, over the top, great experiences, and I can’t wait for season two.

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New Netflix original “Nailed It!” is painfully relatable and hilarious