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PVCC Women’s Soccer charts course to championship

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PVCC Women’s Soccer team has advanced to the West District Championship after victories won against Arizona Western Community College (AWC) on Saturday, Oct. 27 and Phoenix College (PC) on Wednesday, Oct. 24. Pumas have fought vigorously since the beginning of the season to find themselves in the final phase. The 27 young female players have been dedicated and determined to win since the start of this 2018 soccer season. The determination was seen in each of the games played and in each practice session held every weekday afternoon at Shoenhair Soccer Field, located on the south side of PVCC campus.

Behind the success coach, Ivan Dizdar leads the group with the assistance of Damir Peco, Brittany Elliot and Ryan Beasley. With Dizdar’s experience and skills, the team has accomplished 17 victories during this soccer season, now 18 with the satisfying result obtained Saturday, Oct. 27 against “The Undefeatable,” AWC.

When Dizdar joined the team as a coach in 2017, he was already relying on his advanced soccer experience inside and outside the country. The head coach claims that coaching the female players was slightly tough at first. “When I started coaching this team, I realized that it was a powerful group, but there were many things that we needed to fix,” said Dizdar.

“We had to work a lot on team bonding, character and development in order to reach the goals we have achieved along the season; one example is the satisfactory victory won against our biggest rival, Phoenix College.” In spite of losing twice to the powerful rival, Pumas managed to beat the Bears Wednesday, Oct. 24 by scoring a goal during the overtime period of the game. The final score was 4-3, a victory driving PVCC to the final stage.

Pumas did not have it easy at any moment of this match. From minute one, the young females tried to take dominance over the game in order to take advantage of their opponents and have more opportunities to score. Chances were limited, but not impossible. Paola Sanchez (18), freshman midfielder of the team states, “It has been our hardest match so far, very intense and very aggressive opponents. The crowd was really loud and we were getting anxious because we had a tied game (3-3). We needed to score a goal to win, and we were running out of time.”

Dizdar commented on the game as well, “We worked hard to win this game in particular; we studied the opponent’s strategy, tactics, their start players.” He says he is proud and satisfied that he obtained the results he expected from the team.

After playing against PC, Pumas still had a match to play against AWC in order to advance to the next phase: West District Championship. For the team, this game meant more than the other matches because they were facing an invincible team.

Until the night of Saturday, Oct. 27, AWC Women’s Soccer team had claimed itself as the “undefeatable” team. Winning all the games since the start of the 2018 soccer season and defeating PVCC before, AWC Matadors felt confident and positive over this match.The crowd cheered intensely.

Matadors had everyone on their side as they were hosting the event. But PVCC surprised everyone. Pumas took the lead of the game by scoring a goal just 11 minutes after the game started. The tension and pressure became a shade for the AWC players as the time went by.

Pumas closed the first half with three goals while Matadors did not achieve a single goal. The final score was 4-0, leading Pumas to the next stage and leaving AWC out of the championship.

Bailey Rozendaal (18), freshman defender of the team commented on the game played Saturday, Oct. 27. Rozendaal says, “We had a lot of advantage since the match started; the game went really well as we expected. During the last few weeks, there were little mistakes we started to point out and fix.” Defeating both PC and AWC has driven the Pumas to surpass the expectations predicted. Today, the teen players find themselves practicing daily with effort and commitment in order to succeed in the Championships in mid November.


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PVCC Women’s Soccer charts course to championship